Grace and Glory Academy is a non-denominational, California private school comprised entirely of bible-believing families who are home educating. We exist to encourage, equip and empower parents on their homeschooling journey.

Grace and Glory Family Handbook

Services include –

  • Professional Academic Oversight 
    -We provide routine accountability to ensure all of your legal schooling requirements are fulfilled.
    -We complete all state mandated reporting on your behalf. 
    -We add students to our Private School Affidavit.
    -We manage the transfer of student’s files between schools. 
    -We create and/or maintain students cumulative files in an organized manner.


  • Guidance/Counseling Services
    -We offer one free curriculum counseling session annually, per family.
    -We provide a Learning Style Assessment for you to discover the way your child learns best.
    -We provide Check-Lists to monitor student progress, for your peace of mind. 
    -We connect you with a professional guidance counselor, college/career counselor for 7-12 grades.
    -We create and/or maintain IEP goals and documentation in partnership with parents.


  • Teacher Training Services
    -We offer an annual Curriculum Chat Night/Curriculum Sale. 
    -We offer Teacher Training Nights to support you on your journey. 
    -We notify you of local events, seminars and conventions in our area. 
    -We work alongside HSLDA, CHEA and Family Protection Ministries to keep parents informed.
    -We keep an active YouTube Channel + Social Media for tips, encouragement and trending news.


  • Homeschool Community Services 
    -We plan park days, field trips, and homeschool family fellowship events to participate in.
    -We have a new “WOW” (Window on the World) Group for homeschool ministry.
    -We offer School ID Cards and School Portraits by our professional photographer. 
    -We support families, united in vision, as part of a thriving school community committed to Jesus!

NOTE: We do not provide curriculum. We do have a lending library for our parents to access.

We require that families join HSLDA. Even if you never experience legal trouble yourself, your HSLDA membership will help enable other homeschooling families to get the legal help they need and will help defend our right to homeschool here in California. Membership in HSLDA also gives you personal access to the legal staff; HSLDA’s experienced high school, special needs, and Toddlers to Tweens consultants; and discounts through HSLDA’s PerX program. (For more information about HSLDA’s many benefits, see Grace and Glory members SAVE on the HSLDA membership when you enter our Discount Group code on the HSLDA membership form.

Grace and Glory is a proud CHEA Support Network Member