Grace and Glory Academy is a California private satellite school, comprised entirely of bible-believing families who are home educating.
Please read our: Grace and Glory Family Handbook

>What can you expect from us?

  • 1) We will file a private school affidavit with the state of California annually, on behalf of all students.
  • 2) We will keep professional files and records, offer teacher training and encouragement.
  • 3) We will create and/or maintain student cumulative records and health reports.
  • 4) We will oversee high school transcripts and issue diplomas to all eligible graduates.
  • 5) We will manage the transfer of student records, to/from other schools as needed.
  • 6) We will provide a School-To-Home online platform to collect attendance and grades.
  • 7) We will provide a school picture day and school identity outside of your family home.
  • 8) We will alert you of California state or nationwide legislative action pertaining to homeschooling.
  • 9) We will connect you with homeschool counselors, tutors, or faith-based mentors as needed.
  • 10) We will equip you with tools like: Assessments, Learning Style Quiz, Early-Learning Tips,
    Suggested Curriculum List and a Directory of Southern California Classes/Activities.
  • 11) We will discuss student needs and provide accountability for you on your homeschool journey.  
  • 12) We will offer park days, field trips, family days and learning experiences to meet homeschoolers.

>What do we expect from you?

  • 1) Own a smart-technology device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with access to a printer.
  • 2) Provide copies of student(s) birth certificate, health records, and school history.
  • 3) Report Online an Annual Curriculum Plan for every student. (we train you how)
  • 4) Report Online Monthly Academic Attendance for every student. (we train you how)
  • 5) Report Online an Annual Student Report Card for every student. (we train you how)
  • 6) Inform us of your start and end dates, breaks and holiday schedule of home educating. 
  • 7) Submit a Class Details Sheet for every High School class. (we train you how)
  • 8) Teach your child in English, for 165-175 days each academic year.
  • 9) Make digital payments in a timely manner via Zelle or Paypal.
  • 10) Provide names and contact info of any teachers, including co-op tutors, coaches, etc. 
  • 11) Safe-keep samples of your student’s writing, math, and favorite school memories. 
  • 12) Maintain annual membership with Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

If you would like to apply to join Grace and Glory Academy please email:

Grace and Glory is a proud CHEA Support Network Member